Muscle Gaining Secrets Review - The Truth

Muscle gaining secrets is a 197 page e-book that gives guidance for skinny people to gain muscles. The author Jason Ferrugia has listed all the different training, nutrition and recovery methods in the book. If you really want to gain muscle and be confident about your looks muscle gaining secrets is for you. This e-book is the main component of the program.

Jason in his young years was skinny himself. He used to spend hours in the gym with little or no results. He found out that the actual problem was in his training. The reason is that he was trying to follow the training methods of professional body builders. Of course it works for the body builders but it may not work for a natural and average lifter.

Jason’s training is designed around seven crucial factors that are: Exercise selection, training volume, number of reps used, rep speed, rest intervals, training session length, training session frequency. Jason has focused a lot on explaining these factors and uses them for gaining maximum muscle. He has also given clear explanation of various muscle groups and how to train them. Muscle gaining secrets come from a guy who has good experience of trial and error in this area, so you will be learning from the best. People who are new at this generally have a lot of questions and Jason has beautifully covered most of them in this e-book.

By using an easy to understand format Jason’s Muscle gaining secrets explains all the workouts and diet plans, so don’t worry about what you have to eat and what you have to lift. It’s all taken care of. Jason doesn’t believe in working out for just one particular muscle when you can work on multiple muscles at a same time. There is this technique that he follows, it is called compound lifts. In fact you may have noticed on his site that he just loves compound lifts such as deadlifts, squats and shoulder presses.

Unless you are a professional body builder, it is not possible to fit 6 days in a week for training. And at the same time it is not required as well, because if you perform those compound lifts recommended by Jason will be more than enough. Since it takes a little time for body to recover from its previous workout, it might even hurt you.

The most important part of gaining weight is nutrition. That’s because if you will not be gaining any calories you won’t be able to build any muscle, no matter how hard you train. Jason takes care of all this, in fact he also lays out perfect meal plans for you. The problem with most of the skinny guys is that they don’t eat enough, so it’s hard for them to gain any weight. Jason shows you some easy to make and real good meals that you can make for yourself making sure that you gain all that muscle you are after.

Most of the lifters are usually confused or unclear about how many reps they should be doing for a particular exercise. Jason makes it easy for you; he explains each and everything in detail. He has actually made out programs for each level, so once you are done with one level don’t worry the next level is waiting for you.

I could just keep going on because it is my personal favorite and I have already recommended it to a number of my friends and family members. So if you are looking to gain some serious muscle do consider checking out muscle gaining secrets. The best part is that you got nothing to lose as it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

How to Build Muscle Fast Naturally

Are you currently searching on how to build muscle? This article give several tips on how to gain 5 pounds of muscle in a short time period. Check it out!

How Do You Gain 5 Pounds of Muscle in 2 Weeks?

by Ben Pickering-Watson

Gaining a lot of muscle in a short period of time is possible with the use of a few set principles that are proven to work. If you are an experience lifter, it can be a bit harder to add this amount of muscle, but if you follow a few steps you can really ramp up the gains no matter your current muscle mass. This article will reveal methods that will enable you to increase your muscle mass by 5 pounds in the next 2 weeks.

Make everything very high load

If you are going to gain 5 pounds in 2 weeks you will have to take everything you do that little further. You must up the training intensity and increase the nutrient consumption.

Your training should be increased in intensity and volume to a point of overtraining. This will be fine for the two weeks, any longer and you will suffer from the overtraining symptoms. To increase the work load of your training follow these steps:

- Increase the weights: heavier weights means more muscle stimulation and more growth.

- Increase the volume: add more sets for each exercise to completely destroy every muscle fibre.

- Decrease the resting time: make the time you rest between sets very low, around 15 seconds.

- Only perform big exercises: focus on targeting the big muscle groups, with large compound exercises for the most muscle stimulation and anabolic response.

You must also overload with the calories and food you are eating. Aim to consume around 2g of protein per pound of body weight. Add an extra 1000 calories to the usual amount you eat to gain muscle weight. Eat a lot of healthy fats to up your testosterone levels. Eat plenty of vegetables to fuel all the physiological processes, allowing them to run at optimal levels.

Drink protein shakes between meals. Pack these shakes with lots of calories, protein and nutrition. Add whole raw eggs, coconut cream, olive oil, vegetables, fruits to up the nutrition.

Rest to allow for fast recovery and growth

Your muscles grow out of the gym. Your body will need a lot of quality rest to grow fast. Don't participate in any other forms of exercise. Get plenty of sleep at least 7 hours a night; even have naps for increased recovery. Only workout each muscle a maximum of twice per week and leave one day between workouts in general.
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Hopefully this short article may give you several new tips on how to build muscle. Thanks for reading :)